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  Boo, ~ 1 year Male Basenji  Mix
Boo Boo

Boo is a 30 lb Basenji mix. He is really a sweet and lovable fellow. He was pulled from a pound and was fostered with 4 Boston Terriers befre traveling to Save A Dog. He's a smart dog. After his neuter surgery, his foster mom put an ice pack down in front of the fire place and he went over and sat on it. He loves to give kisses even to the other dogs. He knows sit and he seems to know the down command. He lets us know when he needs to go out at night. He does lay down and roll on his side or back when a voice is raised but he doesn't seem frightened, just submissive. If he's lying down his tail continues to wag! He just plain loves to be with everyone and every canine. Boo is now in a foster home and doing great. He is totally crate trained, housetrained, loves all people, and loves to play with other dogs. He is very active and would benefit from a fenced in yard. Pllease fill out an application if you would like to meet him.