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  Little Molly, ~ 3.5 months Female Lab  Mix

Little molly is a 3 1/2 month old choclate lab mix. She and 2 other puppies were abondoned in a neighborhood and she was the only one left by the time a caring young man found her and took her home with him. Now she is ready to find a family of her own that will love her. Molly is a little angel and a little devil all rolled into one cute bundle, as most puppies are. She loves to play with the big dogs at her foster home, loves toys and just about anything else. She plays outdoors like the best of them, but loves to snuggle up and watch tv. She still has some puppy fuzz on her head so she looks a little silly right now, but it adds to her fun personality -- you have to smile when you look at her. She is medium level energy and has the cutest little excited woo woo barky thing she does when excited to see you. She is not timid or shy and loves people, She will be available around 1/31.