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  Skittles, ~ 1 year Female Jack Russell (Parsons) Terrier  Mix
Skittles Skittles

Skittles has an adoption pending, but still has to pass the Fly Ball test. Skittles is a delightfully, super-friendly and adorable Jack Russell Terrier mix who came to Save A Dog in January and soon after delivered 6 healthy puppies. She is now ready to find her own home. Her pups are weaned and adopted -- Skittles' job is done. She's an amazing dog who has so much to offer. She is like a TV dog -- she is so cute and personable with very high intelligence and cleverness. She could easily be a star if someone has the time to take her to agility or fly ball classes as she has a lot of drive. Otherwise, she would be just a very fun dog to have around. She would be great with a family who can give her a lot of attention, but she is not one to sit home alone as she likes to be in the middle of everything. She's learned so much just from watching the foster family's household dogs. She and the resident dogs play and play all day long. When it's time for getting attention she is first in line. She is very well behaved in the house, and completely housebroken. She uses the dog door into the fenced yard to do her business or to bury a bone. She is a busy little girl but not underfoot. She is currently being fostered with two mature dogs and is very respectful of them, even though she's a bit of an attention-hog. You can see her size in perspective with the dogs. One is a medium-sized 35 lbs and one is a toy breed weighing 6 lbs. She's around 12 lbs. She has learned many good behaviors just from watching the older dogs and taking their lead, but it would be a lot of fun for her to have another dog to play with, maybe one close in age. Like any JRT she likes to jump for joy and can sail over most fences if she wanted to, so is not a dog to just stick out in the back yard as she would get bored and take off to be with people. She likes to be with her people, hanging out on the couch or chasing squirrels out of the yard. She loves men equally with women and is not skittish at all. She would be great for agility or fly ball as she is very agile and quick. She would love a doggie door to a fenced in yard as she likes the freedom to go in and out all day long. She's on the raw diet right now and we would love for her to stay on it as it is a healthier diet and will keep her fit and trim for her whole life, but she's not fussy and will eat dry kibble if that's your style. She loves pop corn so when you make a bowl, you must make a little extra. A holistic-following home or one willing to learn, would be most welcome. Skittles' story: She was dumped on the property of someone who rescues dogs in TN. We are reviewing applications now Please apply if you are interested. Thank you to her sponsors who helped with her expenses these past few months.