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  Arlene, ~ 1 year Female Lab / Basset  Mix
Arlene Arlene

Arlene is a very bouncy and playful one year-ish dog. She will be good with a family, but may be too much for small children. She will chase the cats if they run. She is crate/kennel trained and will house train in a flash. She is learning to go on leash so a fenced in yard will help you through the first few weeks of her transition to her new home. She arrived on Dec. 18 and is available for adoption now. Her foster providers say: Arlene is such a cuddler. She is awesome in the crate, o accidents. She is starting to play with a couple of toys from Christmas. When I take her outside she walks in between my legs and sits and leans against me and shows no interest in going to the bathroom. She did though signal to us that she needed to do her business this morning and whined and promptly did her business outside. Arlene loves to be loved and just wants a family that will give her attention. She chows her food each meal and enjoys her water throughout the day. With all the human attention she's getting, she hasn't really interacted with the other household dogs, so is not a dog to get just as a friend for your dog, but she really craves the people. If you have another dog, she plays nice, and is submissive to Runner, her yard mate at Save A Dog, so is not adverse to dogs, just needs humans to meet her needs before she wants to think about playing with other dog friends. Please keep in mind that we like the whole family to meet the dog (so gift dogs are not our policy). During the initial meeting, all decision-makers, i.e., adult caretakers need to be present. If you fill out the online application, it speeds the adoption process. Please bring pictures of your residence and pictures of your last dog (if applicable) so that we can get a sense of you and your family and help you make the best match for both you and the dog.