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  Kera, ~ 2 years Female Border Collie
Kera Kera

Kera is a purebred Border Collie. She is your typical black and white with long flowing hair. She is approximately 2 yrs. old. She was found laying along a busy highway. They thought she had been hit since she wasn't moving. We suspect that she was laying where she had been dumped, in hopes of her owner returning. She loves to ride in the car and rides nicely. She will settle right down. She is a nice medium energy Border Collie inside, but outside she loves to chase a ball and run around. She is built for speed and very focused. She would excel as a service dog or would love agility. She can jump really high She was spayed on 10/20, is all healed up and ready to rock and roll. The volunteer who gave her a ride in the snow storm writes: "I have to admit that I totally fell head over heals for Kera and wanted to take her home with me. She kept nudging my hand for pets along the way and then didn't want to get out of the car when the ride was over. What an absolute sweet heart. I hope she finds a forever home with the most perfect of adopters. And hopefully she won't have to wait for long or I might have to claim her for myself." She is available 11/1.