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  Bungee, 9 weeks Male Schnoodle

Update: The pups are 9 weeks old now and doing much better. They have been worked with and we think each would do best in a home with another dog, preferably a larger female. These are doing to be big, big dogs, so a large breed dog would be best as they will might upstage a smaller dog. Bosco and Bungee are 9 weeks old now, both Schnoodle pups who were separated from their mother too young so did not get the proper training. We are looking for very dog experienced homes without children as they play very rough and were very growly before we worked with them. They growled when you pick them up and they bit hard. They are much better now. We think this is partly because they never got the proper training from the mother dog and they also do not yet have what is called "bite inhibition". They would each do well with a mature female dog who will give them the tempering that they didn't get from Mom. They are in a foster home with a female "mama" dog now and doing very well. They will need to go to separate homes where the adopter has successfully taken a dog through basic obedience training OR who has successfully worked with a dog trainer / animal behaviorist and can provide that person as a reference. Because these puppies need the extra work, we are seeking homes where the dog-experienced person is the main caretaker. They each need socialization with other puppies so they the bite inhibition is reinforced in a positive way. Puppy Kindergarten is a must for these two as well as working wtih a behaviorist to teach bite inhibition and reward positive behaviors. These are cute pups, so might draw a crowd, but are not for the average dog adopter. Mom was a Giant Schnauzer and Dad was a white Standard Poodle. Please apply online if you qualify and no phone calls, please..