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  Regina, ~ 7-8 years Female Beagle/Shepherd  Mix
Regina Regina

Do you want a happy dog whose tail will never stop wagging? If so, Regina aka Reggie is the dog for you! She is a good-natured female dog, eager to please. She is a mixed breed, possible some Shepherd or Sheltie mixed with Beagle or Basset. She is about 55 pounds so could lose a few pounds. Teeth are healthy and mostly white, probably 7-8 years old. She is currently shedding her coat in the pictures. She obeys very well, sits, lays down, heels, understands NO. Comes when called (using a temp name "Reggie"), or when whistled for. Only ever barks when someone pulls up in our driveway, but is not aggressive. She was submissive with the neighbors 3 dogs. Follows closely when we take walks and is very friendly and affectionate. As far as we can tell she seems very healthy. Needs loving home. She is available 9/12/11.