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  Lenny, ~ 3 months Male Border terrier  Mix

Imagine throwing away a 3 month old puppy who is as innocent as can be! We can't either, but that's what happens every day in rural parts of the country. Lenny and his littermate, Rachel, were brought to the shelter in the sweltering heat -- to be euthanized! Thank God for angels who rescue some of these pups. Lenny is a nice puppy who is playful and has a mild temperament but he's still curious and adventurous. He loves toys and rides great in the car. Here is an update from his foster: Lenny was with his sister, Rachel who is now adopted. He's adapting well to being alone, attempting to engage the resident elderly dog in play and occasionally succeeding. Lenny would love to have another dog to play with - a good game of tug-of-war with his sister was his favorite. He's 6 pounds of pure happiness - he loves everyone he sees and makes friends quickly. He's learning about house-training. Does great in his crate all night (from 10pm to 6am), and spends a few hours during the day in his crate with no complaints, but he really loves to have a lap to sit on, or just be carried around in someone's arms. Lenny rarely barks. He's very observant and notices everything - he's curiously been observing dragonflies, bees and chipmunks in the yard - a real nature-lover! And he seems to love to keep his nose to the ground to sniff any good smells he can find. He's best described as having intermittent bursts of energy nicely mixed with periods of wanting snuggles and quiet time. And he's never seen a dog toy that he doesn't love, or a branch from the back yard that's too big for him to try to proudly carry around. Please apply online if you are interested.