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  Sallie, ~ 3 months Female Beagle  Mix
Sallie Sallie

Looking for a really cute pup for yourself or your family? Sallie is your girl! She is beyond adorable and loves to play. Sallie is the cutest little pup you ever saw. She loves to be held and give kisses. Sally is a spirited pup who is very sweet and affectionate. She loves to play and entertains herself with stuffy toys, balls and chew sticks. She enjoys walks and being around other dogs. Sally is working on her come command but sits beautifully and fetches with great enthusiasm. She is wonderful in her crate and sleeps there all through the evening. Sallie is a 3.5 month old female Beagle Mix who came to us from Indiana with her mom, Scruffy. She was adopted and returned because one of the kids was afraid of dogs. She will jump up, like any puppy, when she gets excited so might not be recommended for real little ones, but would be a great family dog for school-aged children. She's full of very typical puppy behaviors and is very joyful. She's crate trained now and sleeps in her crate at night. She's 99% housebroken too during the day. She is very good in her crate, not a peep out of her all night. We just went for a long walk and she was curious but fine on a leash. She is available now. Please fill out an online application if you would like to meet her.