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  Josie, ~ 2 years Female Papillon  Mix

Josie is a small ~2 year old spayed female Papillon Mix. Josie is happy and wiggly, and loves attention. Update from her foster: "Josie is such a sweetheart! She did very well in the car until we were almost home and then she got a little anxious. She was very energetic after that. We left her in the crate for two hours to settle in since she was just spayed and she did well. On her walk she did great and it seems like she has been trained a bit in her past. I am guessing she got table scraps because every time we took out food, she would follow us and beg. It was hard to not let her have anything. She also likes to go on the couches, so she probably was allowed to in her previous home. She was curious with the cats and followed them, but overall they got along well. Josie and our dog are improving, Josie would try to play "tug-o-war" and our dog being 5 times the size of Josie, was not even trying and would watch Josie try to steal the rope from him. Josie jumps up for attention and likes to give lots of kisses. I tried to fold laundry and she kept laying down on top of it, she has found a new game. She loves squeak toys and chasing games with dogs or with people." Josie is available as of 06/29/11. Please fill out an online application if you are interested in meeting her.