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  Meg, ~ 1 - 2 yrs Female Retriever  Mix
Meg Meg

Meg is a ~ 1 to 2 yr old spayed female black Lab mix who is a favorite of the volunteers. For a Lab she is SO GOOD!!! She has medium energy, is VERY sweet and wants to please. She is good with kids and other dogs. Meg loves playing with dogs her own age and likes to run and run. She's already spayed so won't run up the medical bills for you. She'd be a great dog for the beach or hiking or a running companion. She would love some doggy daycare if you're a worker. She will sit on your lap and loves to get petted. She is very good-natured and will make an incredible dog for someone. She loves the water, will chase a ball, and her tail wags nonstop. She will jump up for attention, but we've worked in that and she's responding very well. You'll be surprised at what a nice medium size she is, easy to manage. She is very quiet and well-behaved in her kennel. She knows the sit command and down and off and is a fast learner. She is a very sweet girl and would be a wonderful family pet. A volunteer who took her home one night wrote: Here's an update on Meg and a couple of pictures: We went a walk in conservation land tonight for an hour. I had Meg on her harness and a 20 ft. lead and she was great. She was friendly and engaging to every dog we met. She just loves other dogs and played well with everyone. She went swimming in the river multiple times- she can't get enough of the water! She's active and fun, and loves to run so would be a perfect companion for someone who likes to be outdoors and run, hike, or walk. I put her in the crate for about 45 minutes after our walk and she didn't make a peep. In the house, she has tried to put her paws up the counter and the furniture a few times but she responds well to training and redirection. She is incredibly smart and can keep herself entertained with a toy or a bully stick. She's very attentive and follows me from room to room, and is sleeping by my feet as I type this. She's a fun and sweet dog and will thrive with training and exercise. Please apply online if you are interested and we will contact you if you are a match for her. She is available now.