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  Princess, ~4 years Female Maltese  Mix
Princess Princess

Princess is a ~4 year old female 13 lb. dog who was a stray from TN. She loves squeaky toys. She will push the toy toward you with her nose and growl the whole time. She is not aggressive and is fine if you reach to take the toy. The growl is just her way of saying “let’s play” but it is "terrier-like" is not a dog for young children or the elderly. She is crate trained and seems house trained as well. She's great on leash, good in the car, is not nervous or mouthy. She will sometimes put her paws up on you for attention. Please be someone who will play with her and show her a good time. She needs an adopter who will not give up on her, so please have your life in order (no big travel plans or wedding or new baby in the future as these are often the things that disrupt a dog). She's thin, so we will be fattening her up as much as possible before she gets adopted. Apply online only. No phone calls, please. We will have a lot of interest in this non-shedding beauty so we will be particular about where she goes. Available after 6/13/11.