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  Nala, ~ 6-7 months Female Retriever  Mix
Nala Nala

Hi, my name is Nala. I'm about 6 or 7 months old and I love to play. I have never had a family of my own, but I would love to have one. I promise to love and obey you. I was rescued as a puppy along with my littermates. We were all named after Lion King characters, but we don't all necessarily match the characters in personality, so no worries. We like to play and chase a ball or just sit in your lap. We've had our vaccines and are spayed and neutered. Following is an update from my foster mom about me: Nala is a riot! I'm seeing basically no shyness at all this morning. She chases me around the house. She keeps flopping upside down for belly rubs, especially when I try to walk her outside! Walking on the leash is new for her. She prefers to flip upside down on the grass and wiggle around for me to scratch her belly. I finally had to pick her up and carry her in! She has a great personality! She loves to sit on the fireplace and bark at her reflection. Her foster dad was laying his head next to hers on the fireplace and she kept nuzzling him with her nose. She is precious! She LOVES playing fetch with the tennis ball! She prances all over the place with that ball. Also, she is great with the cats. Really doesn't show any interest in them. They walk up to her and nuzzle noses but that's the extent of it. She is also fantastic with Marino, a senior dog in her foster home. I am thrilled since he is so delicate at this point. He follows her EVERYWHERE though! Overall, she is friendly, playful, very affectionate and just a sweetheart!" Please fill out the application online and the Save A Dog people will invite you to meet me.