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  Lady, ~ 3 years Female Golden Retriever

Lady is a purebred Golden Retriever who is approximately 3 yrs old. She was an Indiana stray, but taken in by a loving dog rescuer and cared for until her trip to Massachusetts. As she is a Golden and they are prone to cancer, we are giving first preference to a holistic home, preferably a raw feeder who minimalizes vaccines (Rabies only because it's the law) and with someone who will exercise her (she's a little chunky). Lady is a real find. She is housetrained, playful, loves the water and fetching balls, she doesn't always like to give them back but prefers to be pursued to retrieve them. She is extremely lovable and obedient, wonderfully behaved in the house and adores attention. She will insist that you talk to her and pet her; if ignored she will nudge your hand and sit patiently looking at you. She is kind & friendly with adults & children, dogs, puppies, kittens, cats(she will give a bit of a chase if the cats give her the opportunity, never in a harmful way, one word and it is over). She has been around horses and does very well with them. She has no aggressions of any kind, in fact, when another animal crowds in on her food bowl, she quietly backs away letting them eat her food. She is so gentle. She is not a wanderer, stays close to the house and barn. She is trusting and very gentle. She likes to be near you, sleeping on her doggie bed. She has never had an accident inside, but she will get your attention and go to the door waiting to be let out; she will come back to the door and bark to be let back in. She knows some commands: sit, lie down, fetch. She can go all night without needing to go out. She weighs approx. 75-85 lbs, her teeth are clean and healthy, and her coat is a beautiful golden red. Her only fault is a fear of thunderstorms, but start her on homeopathic Phosphorus and you might get it under control. Flower essences work great too. She would probably do very well in a family setting. Her past is a mystery, she was found by some children wandering on the outskirts of town. They took her home and she was kept there in the back yard for 2 weeks then surrendered to the shelter after no one claimed her. The family that took her in had several dogs of their own and could not take in another dog to keep. From the shelter she then was taken into the foster home as a foster before arriving at Save A Dog. Local applications only (Sudbury and surrounding towns). Lady is a true find and we'd like to keep her closeby. No phone calls, please. Apply online at our Web site.