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  Greta, 4 months Female Collie/Boxer  Mix
Greta Greta

Greta is an adorably delightful 4 month old puppy who has survived being starved and abandoned, ended up at a shelter where she got the parvo virus, and survived it all to become a spunky, playful pup. She weighs about 15 lbs so will be petite. The shelter said she was a Boxer mix, but we don't know for sure. She has Collie markings too. Anyway, she's a mutt and a very cute one at that. She likes toys, lots of play time, a lot of human interaction, and is definitely a people puppy. Loves to be held as does her brother, Hans, also a survivor. She is not spayed, and we hope you will let her develop first as she needs those hormones to develop strong bones and a good immunity against disease. She is available on 5/21/11.