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  Sarah, 4 months Female Husky/Collie/Lab  Mix

Sarah is an 18 week old pup who was rescued in rural Indiana and fostered on a large farm along with siblings. She likes to play ball, it is her favorite thing. Any size, she just loves it and will push it around and bat them around. She is a little shy when you first meet her but warms up quickly with treats. Like the other puppies in her litter, she finds fun in playing with the felines as long as they give her a little chase, but a word of reprimand given and it is all over, then on to more interesting things. Corrie is at the age now that she is ready to have a family of her own, being loved & having the attention she deserves. She will become a wonderful companion returning the love given tenfold. Their names and weights are as follows: Luke 19 lbs Sarah-17 lbs Corrie-14.8 lbs. Of course, by the time this is published, they may weigh a little more. They all love the water. All had parvo and survived and are very healthy now. Give her time to grow before spaying her. Puppies need hormones to grow properly! Please fill out an application on our Web site under Apply to Adopt. Availability 5/21/11. Availability 4/25/11.