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  Louise, ~ 2 years old Female Miniature Schnauzer

Louise and her sister, Thelma, are 2 female Miniature Schnauzers who are available after 4/24/11. They were turned in by their owner to a dog rescuer in Indiana. Thelma is the taller one & Louise is more sun bleached. The first picture is of her after grooming. The other picture is the "before" picture. Please apply if you are interested in one or both of them and we will review your application after they arrive. Her rescuer says: Louise is a sweet loving girl but more independent than her sister. Louise likes people but am not certain about children although I feel she would do fine with them. She loves walks and play time but will venture off on her own if allowed. She does well with her bath and grooming, does fair on the leash but does pull, training would be in her best interest. She was born 3-20-09, weighs 21 lbs, is very healthy, likes to ride in the car and come inside the house for company time and has done well during her time spent inside. She gets along very nicely with other dogs and puppies, will aggravate the felines a bit every now and then but never will harm them. She will share her food with her sister but prefers that others stay out of her bowl. Like her sister, she had been an inside pet before being given up by her original owner because his health problems made it to difficult to care for her. She was given to the same friend who did not want to care for her as an outside dog. She was surrendered to a foster home where she lived until being accepted into SAD. Louise will make a wonderful little companion. Her diet is dry kibble, canned food and raw meats. She enjoys treats, dog biscuits and chew sticks, jerky strips. She is ready for her forever family, she has been shifted from place to place enough already, please be willing to give her a permanent home or do not apply. She deserves a forever home.