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  Minni-Moo, ~3 years Female Sheltie/Pom  Mix

Minnie Moo is one of 21 dogs rescued in November 2009 and has been in a dog sanctuary, Friends for Life, in WV getting socialized. Minnie Moo has two endearing habits: One is throwing her head from left to right when she barks, and the other is standing up on her back feet and pawing the air with her front feet. Adorable! She stays close by and also comes when called, although we're still working on her coming directly TO us..... When we take the other dogs out on leash, Minnie goes along and hangs right with the group. She is around 15 lbs. and is probably between 2 1/2 and 3 years old. She has been spayed and received her rabies and DA2PPv vaccines. She was not raised with kids and will need a secure fenced in yard as she still needs leash training. She likes to pal around with Skip. The nice thing about these dogs is that they do not bite, even when scared, so we have been able to socialize them quickly. We've had over a dozen successful adoptions with the dogs from this group who came up last year and we're hopeful that we can find this group great homes too. Each would be best with another small dog as another dog will help build their confidence. She is available on 3/28/11.