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  Jackie, 2-3 years Female Pom/Norwegian Elkhound  Mix

Jackie was originally rescued when her owner passed away and left 21 dogs in his trailer. UPDATE ON JACKIE BY HER FOSTER MOM: "She's doing remarkably well. She loves going on her daily walks, sits at the door before going out, and she is doing great on leash, staying right by my side, She always just looks up at me, and follows my lead. She has overcome so many outside noises that used to scare her, cars going by are no longer an issue for her. I give her alot of encouragement. We go on one long walk in the morning, and I take her out at least 4 more times during the day. One of her favorite times is sitting on the grass underneath a tree, with her legs stretched out as far as she can get them. She also likes to roll around in the grass and has mastered getting her back legs over all the way, so she is really proud of herself as she rolls around in the grass. She is starting to run up the stairs to the front door, to greet me when i get home and even gives me a few kisses on my hand before she runs back down the stairs. She really enjoys cuddling. She sits at the door to go out now and to take a treat, although a lil slower for treats, but she is now realizing she has to sit to get one, so she is doing better and better with that. She is just doing wonderfully, a smart, loving, gentle, cuddly lil girl. She is also at the point that while I'm holding her, she will let just about anyone pat her without getting scared, all the neighborhood kids run up to me when I have her out to shower her with affection and lots of pats. She sits there and lets each one of the kids pat her. She has gotten used to my daughters and grandchildren , lots of noise when the grandchildren are here. She is also totally housebroken, and will wait to go out to do her thing. She would do great with a single person or a couple looking for a companion, and would love another small dog to play with. She loves being outside so a fenced in yard is a must. She is going to make someone very happy, she has alot of love to give, and just wants to be loved back. She is an awesome lil girl." Please apply online so that we can arrange a meeting. She is available for adoption now, to the right person.