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  Strawberry Shortcake, DOB: 1/16/11 Female Spaniel/Heeler  Mix

Strawberry Shortcake is an adorably, spunky puppy who was born on 1/16/11. She has had her first puppy booster and is now ready for adoption. She is part of a litter of five who were born to Dora at Save A Dog. This litter is called the "Strawberry Shortcake" litter because they are all red-heads and most have freckles. They appear to be Spaniel/Heeler mixes. The girls are Angel Cake, Pup Cake, and Strawberry Shortcake. The boys are Freckle-Berry and Huckleberry. They have all been allowed to nurse until they were six weeks old so they are robust and healthy. All have been on probiotics, Pawiers vitamins and on the holistic food since weaning. They are too small for young children, but 9 and up is ideal for pups this age. They will need a stay at home or part-time (no more than 3 hours alone) worker as they are young and will be missing their littermates. At this age, they need socialization and lots of positive training. They are trained to go on newspapers and have not been outside yet, so a puppy pen in your kitchen would be ideal. They will sleep in the crate at night but need access to papers as they won't make it through the night without at least one wee wee. Applications first, please. We are short-staffed this week so cannot take phone calls about the puppies. You can email us anytime at, but an application would get a faster response. Thanks so much!