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  Jenny Lynn, 12 weeks Female Husky/Lab  Mix

Jenny Lynn and her littermates were born on 11/24/10. She is the largest female with luxurious soft white fur with peach-colored points and peach down her back. She is a gentle soul. Arnie, Bennie, Carter, Parker, and Zach are males; Emily Rose, Jenny Lynn, Lola, and Punkin are the females. Their mom, Lady, is a Husky mix and dad is a Lab mix. Some of the pups look like Labs and others have the markings like a Shepherd. Mama dog, Lady, has Shepherd markings on her legs, (see separate write up and picture of her on Web site) but she generally looks like a Husky. All the pups have sweet personalities. They like to play with toys, chase balls, and play with each other and with big dogs. They are available as of 2/21/11. Please fill out an application on our Web site if you are interested in meeting them.