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  Mandy, 3-4 years Female Lab
Mandy Mandy

Update on Mandy, 4/21/2011:Mandy is finally coming up to MA. She has long awaited her new mom, who is waiting with open arms. Mandy is already spoken for by a supporter of Save A Dog who turned out to be the perfect match for Mandy. Thanks to all the supporters who helped with her surgery. Mandy's bio: Mandy is a beautiful 3-4 year old black Lab who was dropped off at the home of a well-known dog rescuer in TN. She has a coat that shines and is shaped like a stocky English Lab. She is a very sweet natured dog. She is good with people....very friendly. She had a litter of puppies, who will soon be available for adoption as well. She's quiet and knows how to give paw and sit. She is good on a leash, good about sharing her food. She is happy being inside. You let her out and she comes back to the door when she finishes her business. Has not bothered anything inside. Seems to be totally housebroken. She is not interested in cats. Thank you to her sponsors for supporting her.