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  Trinka, ~14 weeks Female Border Collie/Retriever  Mix
Trinka Trinka

Trinka came to a rural shelter by herself, likely a Christmas present that went by the wayside. She is a great pup...very friendly, active, and a very smart Border Collie (maybe a mix, but she is mostly Border Collie). She is a very sweet and loving little girl, weighs about 15-18 lbs. She has already mastered all of the "Puppy IQ" toys at her foster home! She is treat-driven and will be a fun pup to train with her very inquisitive personality. She will be a very active and social member of the family. She comes quickly when called, loves lots of hugs, contact and belly rubs and is comfortable with touch on all areas of her body. She was briefly adopted and returned due to a family emergency. Her adoptive family says: She loves her crate and goes in there often on her own to rest and play with her toys. Trinka has been on schedule with the crate training and is pooping and peeing outside. She has been socializing well with all kinds of people offering her belly up for a rub. She also does well with other dogs. She loves to play fetch and will return the ball and frisbee, and is learning very quickly, ie. how to go upstairs, (down is still a challenge), to sit, to lie down and to come when called. Trinka is highly trainable showing desire, focus and aptitude. She is able to play calmly on her own and to de-escalate when calmed. She also rides calmly in the car. What a great puppy! She is available after 2/18/11.