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  Chance, ~ 2 years Male Collie/Golden/Chow  Mix

Meet Chance! He is 2 yrs old (as of 12/10) and is a Collie/Golden/Chow mix. He is absolutely gorgeous! He has a thick coat that is tan with cream and white and a big fluffy tail. He weighs about 50 lbs. He was brought to a shelter in KY by his person as they had no time for him and he was left outside by himself too often. They wanted him to have a better home where he gets the attention he deserves. They indicated he was good with kids and gets along with cats. We also have seen that he is good with other dogs. His foster mom says: Chance is a pleasure to have in the family; he is polite, sweet, playful with my female dog,(follows her everywhere outside); active outside but quiet inside, no food issues, not a counter surfer, pretty Velcro--likes to explore outside but is always looking back to see where I am--does very well on a long, loose leash --he is a people person, and is always near me--he goes into his crate to sleep without a peep, and when I leave the house now I let him stay uncrated with my dog for up to four hours--no problems. Housetrained, Likes the car and rides quietly in the back, no roving, etc. He does bark at the wildlife out here, but will stop when called inside. Does not run after anything; he is friendly but not over exuberant, no jumping up on visitors,etc. Comes when called!!! Great dog, perfect size and is judicious in his eating so he won't Hoover up just anything--all in all, a winner with winning ways.