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  Jacob, ~ 14 weeks Male Collie/Lab  Mix

Hey there! Pick Me! Pick Me! My name is Jacob and I am a delightful puppy and am very smart. My siblings are Marla, Mandi, and Danny and we are Collie/Retriever mixes. We are 14-15 weeks old. Here's what my foster mom says about me: He is curious but not invasive...I didn't even have to puppy proof. He is out of the crate alot and no accidents though has not specifically gone to the door and asked. He holds it through the night and is quiet, the crate is not an issue for him. He went in for a 2 hr nap today while my dog and I did house stuff and he didnt' complain.He loves the snow, digging holes, climbing where the snow is soooo high, plowing through it head first...hysterical. We play alot of 'put all the toys in the basket and lets see how long it takes Jacob to empty it' :)....he loves toys tons. He is a fast learner too. He understands many of the cues I use for my dog already, lets go inside, want to go out, come, sit, kennel ( get in crate), treat, breakfast etc...he picks things up fast. He even recognized my house driving home yesterday and coming back from the walk. The car makes him nervous still, he salivates alot but is polite and does not roam. He loves to play with my dog but is fine if she chooses not to he doens't bug her just finds a toy and trots off to entertain himself....very self entertaining; he doesn't bug me to play either but is ecstatic when i get down onthe floor for a play or massage. He is very loving and loves to be loved. Someone will be lucky to have him! Please fill out an online application ahead of time to show you are a serious adopter and not a "drop-in" visitor. These pups have been given probiotics and vitamins for several weeks and are healthy and adoptable.