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  Maci, 12 weeks Female Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler
Maci Maci

Maci is a very adorable Heeler pup. Her foster mom says: She is doing great with potty training, she's exteremely playful, gets along great with other dogs, wonderful at sharing toys, SO affectionate (with people & other dogs!! she has been giving our dog many kisses :-), she's very inquisitive, she seems to be really enjoying the snow! She also seems to be looking to our dog as an older brother - copying everything he does and letting him be in control, but still holding her own! Our dog LOVES to play ball and the tennis ball was covered with snow - it looked like he was eating a giant snowball. So, what does Maci do? She finds a lump of snow and starts chewing on it - SO cute! Our dog can be a bit of a brat when it comes to toys - he only wants what other dogs have, but she's been great with him - not fighting over anything, just switching toys. She also seems to have a routine - which is nice! She goes to the bathroom, plays, eats a little, sleeps...and does it all over again! Her history: Maggie, Maci, and Jasper are blue heeler pups who were surrendered by their owners once they were weaned and they have been in a foster home. They are sweet and playful. Please read up on the breed as they are generally not a match for children due to their herding instincts. They would be great for agility or for someone who is interested in advanced levels of obedience training. Maci and Maggie are 12 and 13 lbs and Jasper, the male, is 15 lbs. Please apply online to show that you are seriously applying and not just a drop-in. They are available after their health exam on 1/16/11.