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  Cookie, 7-8 years old Female Brittany Spaniel / Springer  Mix
Cookie Cookie

Cookie is a Joyful ~7 year old female Brittany Spaniel / Springer mix who needs a forever home. She is housebroken, and whines politely when she wants to go out. She can be crated but prefers to sleep on a dog bed on the floor or on a sofa or with someone. She likes men and women and gets along just fine with other dogs. She may be a middle-aged lady, but she still likes to play with soft toys, shaking them and squeaking their noise-makers, and challenging people to a tug-of-war. She has a lot of energy and keeping her quiet as the chiropractor would prefer is not easy because her tail is constantly wagging. She loves to look out the patio door, but really likes to be out, shushing the sparrows from the bushes, checking out passersby, and playing in the snow. She's a shadow when you're up and about, when you're at your computer/reading/watching TV, she'll settle nearby and take in a nap. She's a very sweet and appreciative companion. Her history: She was picked up by our local dog officer walking down the street limping. Xrays showed no broken bones, but just some lameness. We are taking her to the doggy chiropractor and she's doing fine. She is named Cookie because the dog officer said she will carry a dog cookie around in her mouth for a long time before eating it. She is a SWEET dog, so affectionate. It's hard to believe nobody is looking for her! Anyway, she would be fine with an elderly person as long as there is a fenced in yard. A younger person would have no trouble walking her. She's a typical dog who pulls when excited. Please give this sweet girl a chance!