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  Nellie, ~ 8 years Female Poodle  Mix
Nellie Nellie

Look at Nellie's new look -- what a transformation! Nellie is a lovely senior Poodle who is looking for a lap to sit on. She's a nice dog who needs a quiet retirement home. She loves to go for walks, but also loves to sit on your lap. She was a local stray who was matted with a heavy coat and who needed some dental work. She has now had her makeover -- a grooming and some extractions and a teeth cleaning AND she is like a new dog! She just needs her own person to love and be with. She's an outgoing dog who loves attention. She would do best with a stay-at-home or a retiree as she likes to be with someone all the time. Thank you to her sponsors for helping with her medical costs. We could not do what we do without your support! Here's what her foster mom says about her: She is completely housetrained she will go by the door or she will start sort of whining and you know it’s time to take her out. She is great on the leash when we go for our walks no pulling or anything at all. - - She is the best dog we have had so far with regards to the crate she seems to really like it. Every night when we go up to bed she just walks up stairs and goes right into her crate without us even having to tell her, she may whine for a few minutes while we are getting settled into bed but other than that not a peep. And if during the day I need to crate her for a little I just kind of tap on the crate and tell her to go in and she goes in without a fuss. She really is the sweetest dog. Basically now I’m working out of the living room so I can be around all of the dogs throughout the day and she sits on couch right behind my head throughout the day because all they basically do is sleep all day. She does definitely likes to be around people and she just loves lattention. I have also worked on teaching her how to sit and she is picking that up well. - - - She knows the word no so if she’s doing something she shouldn’t be I just say no and she stops immediately. Feeding is great as well, she gets all excited, in a good way, when its time to eat, I put the food down and she eats everything no problem. And with my dogs they have all been getting along great. I think with all of the fosters the main issues come when all three want attention from us so we are working to make sure to just give one dog attention at a time.