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  Tia, 5 months Female Poodle/Terrier  Mix

Tia is an adorable fuzzy, fluffy Apricot-colored five month old female Terrier mix. She could have some poodle, but has Wheaton or Norwich Terrier fur. Her little ears stand up and flop over at the tips. She's a very playful pup who will tire out most adult dogs. Oreo, her kennel mate, is tired of her, for sure. She would be a delight for a family who is terrier-experienced or at least dog savvy and willing to train. Her foster mom says, "Tia's disposition is as sweet as her appearance. She's a calm and gentle puppy. She keeps busy, busy checking things out and playing with her toys. When she takes a break, she sprawls out wherever she happens to be, but preferably at your feet if you're sitting, and loves a lap to cuddle on. She's housebroken and crate-trained. She sleeps through the night, 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. She's not anxious when you leave. She's fine with men and welcomes guests with tail-wags but no jumping or barking. In fact, she has barked only once in the two days she's been with us, when, from our kitchen patio door, she saw the Boston Terrier next door going for a walk...just a couple of quick woofs. For a puppy, she's pretty good about not getting into your stuff. All in all, she's a wonderful little pup!" She is available now. Our process is that you apply online, if possible, first so that we can begin the conversation of making the right match for dog and adopter. When you come to see her, we'll have your application on file ready to print out.