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  Cody, 12 weeks Male Collie/husky  Mix
Cody Cody

Cody is one of Callie's male pups who, when rescued, had very crooked legs. We're thinking he had a mild case of rickets due to poor nutrition. The foster mom taped his legs and gave him a diet of kibble with some fresh raw venison and he blossomed from there. You can see his "before and after" pictures here. He has quite a personality and deserves a loving adopter who will pull out all stops to make sure he has the best life ever from here on out. We recommend delaying the neutering for him until he is full grown as pediatric neutering can affect bone development. Cody, Oliver, Ace, and Eli were all found with their mom Callie in rural Indiana. They have been in foster care since the day after being picked up. The puppies have been living the good life on the farm with their foster mom & all the other animals so they are well adjusted and socialized with farm animals. They are happy, healthy playful puppies that enjoy the days outside romping & napping & spend their nights in their pens sleeping off their dinner. They have had a diet of kibble and fresh venison and are hearty eaters. They are all chubby little puppies that adore belly rubs and lots of attention. They love to wrestle the younger cats & aggravate the older one's, but they have learned very quickly to respect the senior cats and to go on their way to other activities. They are all very sweet puppies waiting for their forever homes. Please fill out the application first if you can so the Save A Dog staff can print it out when you come in to meet them. They are available as of 11/20.