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  Shaye, ~ 5 months Male Lab/Weimeraner  Mix

Shaye is a 4.5 month old Lab/Weimeraner mix male pup. He has a gorgeous velveteen grey coat like a Weim, but has the look and nature of a lab. Shaye is a sweet laid back puppy that likes his playmates(he has had many) & his toys. He was in a foster home in rural Indiana for over two months before being flown here via Pilots 'n Paws. He is not overly rambunctious, is very well behaved, very loving & social. He is not housebroken, he has been fostered with several other puppies so it was not possible to keep them inside. Although in the area that he, his sister & 1 little friend shared, they always pottied in the far back section of their pen. He gets along with cats & kittens, like most puppies he is interested in them but nothing more than a sniff and perhaps a little chase if he feels the urge every now & again. Shaye has been on a farm and knows all about sheep, horses, mules & older dogs. Shaye has had a lot of attention, he is not jumpy, mouthy or nippy, just the sweetest little guy looking for his loving family & forever home, he is a treasure for sure. He & his foster Mom are very bonded, he is a puppy to be proud of & dearly loved. Since he is a puppy, we are looking for families who are home more and have children ages 7 and above. Apply online to speed the process. He is available 10/15.