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  Buddy and Tyson, 5 years Male Lab/Collie/Carolina  Mix
Buddy Buddy

Would someone adopt these two wonderful dogs? We have them and they are really nice dogs. Buddy and Tyson have lost their home due to a divorce.They are now with us and ready to be met. They are a great pair and get along really well. Here's their info, as written by the owner: Buddy is the black one and he is 5 years old, good health up to date on all shots. Lab/Collie mix, possibly with some Shepherd. He is approx 80 lbs and does well off leash. He is good with other dogs and tolerates cats. As far as children he is fine as long as he has time to get used to them. He is the bigger of the two and also the biggest baby, he loves to snuggle and be the center of attention.He sometimes forgets that he is not a lap dog! Tyson is the tan one and is about 70 lbs also 5 years. He is what is called a "Carolina Dog". Tyson is a dream, he is laid back to the max, loves kids and people and is also up to date on his shots and the like. The only thing with Tyson is that even though he passed obedience training with flying colors he has yet to listen when off leash, on leash again he is a dream and listen attentively. If trained with the right person Tyson would be fine off-leash. He is extremely intelligent. They are both housebroken and neutered.` Owner will provide crates that are x-large so that they can sleep in them if needed though currently they do not sleep in the crates. She says "I have been around a lot of dogs in my time (as I worked as a vet tech for many years) and these two are wonderful together, they are each others best friend. Buddy seems lost without Tyson, however Tyson can take or leave Buddy it seems, however I know that Tyson like the company. They require a walk daily, unless there is a fenced in area for them to run.As with most dogs a fenced in yard would be ideal." Please apply on our web site as the dogs are available to be seen..