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  Martin, ~ 1 year Male Australian Shepherd / Basenji  Mix
Martin Martin

What a handsome boy Martin is and much smaller than his picture would make one believe. Martin is a playful energetic little 1 year old dog. He is good w/people, other dogs & puppies, shows interest in cats but means no harm toward them. He shares his toys & enjoys a good chase with the other pups. He would make a great agility dog!! He loves to go in the car & likes to cuddle on the couch at naptime. He does not mark territory & does pretty well as far as being housetrained. He likes to ride on an ATV also but has to be held firmly as he has not mastered the balancing just yet. Martin likes attention & is a very sweet kissy little guy. He loves company & being inside w/family. We are looking for families who are home more and have children ages 12 and above. Martin is a 23 lb one year old male Australian Shepherd / Basenji mix (or at least he looks like those two breeds). He is the perfect size for someone who wants a "big" dog in a smaller body. You can take him for a nice jog and then scoop him up in your arms when you need to. He will bond quickly as he loves people. He has longer hair and has the copper coloring of an Australian Shepherd. He is available for adoption now. Please fill out an application on line if you are interested in meeting him.....that speeds up the process.