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  Sally, ~ 8 months Female Shepherd/Lab/Collie  Mix

Sally is a cute pup from TN who needs a home. Her sister is Brandy. Sally is a sweet and gentle puppy. She plays very well with other dogs, and is very affectionate with people. She loves to race around the yard with Halle, Sugar, and Honey, and is so fast that she is the one who is usually being chased. She's a wonderful, quiet, good-natured puppy. She is quite thin so we're going to fatten her up a bit before sending her home, but we'd still love for you to meet her. It would be easier for us if you filled out an application first and then we'll be in contact with you. As we have a foster program, some of our dogs, including Sally, are in foster care and may not be here if you just drop in. When you come to meet a dog, it is best that you bring all decision makers as we are not in a position to hold dogs or to give multiple showings to one party. We are a volunteer-based organization with limited staff, so please help us to work more efficiently so that more lives can be saved in a timely manner. The online application is available on the link, Apply to Adopt.