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  Precious, ~ 11 years Male Maltese

Precious is a sweet, petite Maltese male whose 90 year old owner went to the hospital with a serious illness a few months ago. He stayed behind in the house alone with only a caretaker to come once a day to feed and check up on him. He would leap into her arms and cling to her, not wanting her to leave. We were so touched by his story that we wanted to give him a chance. He got a bath and a haircut, so he looks a little scalped right now, but he will look even more beautiful when his hair grows in. He weighs 6 pounds and is 11 years old. He is sad to have lost his mom but is making the best of it and is ready to bond again. Someone with a big heart and a nice lap would be the perfect match. Please let us know if you are coming to meet him as he's in a foster home and will need to be brought to the facility for introductions. Filling out an application on our Web site is free and it helps us to speed the process.