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  Gem, 7 months Female Schnoodle  Mix
Gem Gem

Gem is a 7 month old female Poodle/Scnauzer mix "Schnoodle" who was a pet store dog. She was not socialized and spent life in a crate, so when she first arrived, she was terrified and unsocialized. Our volunteers have been working with her for several weeks and she has made amazing progress. She still won't let a stranger pet or pick her up, but will climb in the lap of the volunteers she knows. She's young and will be a different dog with someone willing to work with her. Already she comes up and will put her paws on you, and will eat out of your hand. She now will let us pet her and pick her up!. She loves other dogs and will play with the other dogs at the shelter. She is crate trained and will go on pee pads, and is improving with house training. She loves chicken and will come and gently take it out of your hand. Please be someone experienced with small or shy dogs and be someone who can read her body language. Please fill out an application if you are the right match for her. If you are a rescue group who has a foster home, please contact us. Right now we're looking for someone who has a gentle touch or experience with small, timid dogs. Adult home preferred.