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  Max, 2 years Male Rat Terrier  Mix
Max Max

Max is the cutest dog! Someone just has to come and fall in love with him! He's a 2 year old, neutered male Rat Terrier. He is the SMARTEST dog in the whole world and we'll tell you why in a minute. History: We think he's a mix as he's slightly larger, weighing around 20#. He originally lost his home because his owner had cancer. He was raised with teens, so teens and up would be fine. He has quite a personality and he is VERY smart. He was the star of our obedience class this week. He figured out how to get treats in about 30 seconds and was quite a character about it. He likes to chase bugs and he catches them too. Nothing gets past his acute sense of hearing and smell. If you ask him to go find his friend, Maple, he will go round her up in the yard and bring her in. Such a smart dog. He and Maple BFFs so we would like to find them a home together BUT we think he would be fine as an only dog too or with another dog as he's so outgoing and playful. We don't want Maple to hold him back if there's a chance he couldget a great home. He and his pals play all day long, leaping from sofa to sofa and skidding across the hard wood floors. Then they flop down in a pile and go to sleep. Up until recently, they lived with a large greyhound. A fenced in yard is a must because Maple would escape an unfenced yard. Also she needs to be able to go outside and come in on her own. Our process is that you fill out the application first, no obligation. He is willing to do whatever was asked of him with a BIG smile on his face! It was a joy to watch...he will be a fun dog! Oh and he LOVES to play catch! Details are on the homepage!