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  Lady, 5 years Female Australian Shepherd  Mix

Read Lady's story from the bottom up. She is a very brave dog considering her ordeal and she has been through a lot of suffering, but is finally well enough to come to Save A Dog and have a chance to be adopted. She was very gentle with the shelter director's four year old daughter and grew very attached to her. Please consider sponsoring Lady. 3/27/10 Lady arrives via Pilots 'n Paws. 2/20.10: Lady is walking around and putting weight on her injured leg. We've decided she is probably a full Aussie. 2/19/10: Lady lived up to her name during her vet visit. She didn't make any fuss at all during the exam, even when the vet had to swab out the injured area. Her leg might be saved, but right now it is a waiting game. There are bullet fragments in her shoulder and the muscle was torn, but the good news is that there was no damage to the bone and she has feeling in her leg. Sadly, he said that she had been shot before. 2/18/10: Lady has been shot! She cannot use her right front leg, which is swollen and infected. She is going to the vet in the morning and we'll know more about the costs. We don't know if her leg will need to be amputated until the vet sees her. If you would like to donate to her medical costs, please use the Chip-In button above (the other PayPal button below only goes to the Building Fund), or call in a CC to the vet after 12:00 tomorrow (2/19). Lady is probably a Border Collie/Aussie mix. She has a natural docked tail. As we find out more info about this dog, we'll add more details below. Approximate age: 5 years Approximate weight: 60 # Good with large dogs? Yes Good with small dogs? Yes Good with cats? Possibly - she seems uninterested in them, but should be tested prior to placement with a cat Good with men? Yes Good with women? Yes Good with children/recommended for a home with children? Yes Energy level: medium energy (hard to say right now) Quiet or barky? barks occasionally Personality: very well socialized, loves everyone