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  Fibby, ~1 year Female Corgi or Manchester Terrier  Mix

Fibby is a 1 year old small 25# mixed breed dog who was raised with two young girls ages 5 and 7. Her owner asked a dog rescuer to help find her a home. She kept Fibby until was about to deliver her 3rd child. She is very cute and is a sweet little dog. She likes to be picked up and also likes for her belly to be rubbed. She will bring toys or her bone to you as if she is asking you to play with her. She really wants attention and is playful like a puppy rather than a grown dog. She has never growled or been at all aggressive toward people or any of the other dogs. She plays well with Paco (8# chi) and with dogs larger than she is. She plays with Nylabones, rope toys (she and Paco play tug with a rope toy). She is a little tough on stuffed toys! She loves to run outside and on leash will stand on her back legs and look all if to say those short leg just don't let her see all she wants to see! She is good in the car and is good indoors so far. She is still a I would not leave anything important in her path. She has not destroyed anything at the foster mom's house, but she chews on her blanket and will chew up a stuffed toy. We would love to see her go to a home with kids to play with her. She will jump on them so maybe they should be 10 yrs old. She would also love to have a canine buddy. We think she would be lost without another dog to play with. A stay at home person would be great as would a fenced yard. She loves to run in the yard and never tries to run away. She runs around and comes back to the door to be let inside. She is a good little dog with a real zest for life and needs an active family who will appreciate her spunk! She is coming up at the end of March and will be available in early April.