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  Paco, 3-4 years Male Chihuahua  Mix

Paco is a 3-4 year old tiny Chihuahua mix who weighs 8-9 lbs. He was found abandoned, tied to a tree, so his first pictures show him in an emaciated state. He has gained weight and has been treated for heartworms and is now ready for a home. He lives with other dogs in his foster home in TN, but he could care less about them as he is a people person. He likes being held and going for long walks, playing with some toys and with some dogs. He would do fine without another dog since he prefers people to dogs. He is not snippy with other dogs….just ignores them for the most part. If he likes the dog, he will play, but otherwise the dog will be ignored. he loves his crate. We do not want him to go to someone who will expect him to be in a crate while they work, but he loves to sleep and play in his crate. The foster mom would put his bed in his large crate and cover the back part of the crate with a blanket and he spent a lot of time in there. The crate door is always open….so it is his choice to be in the crate. Often he takes another blanket and covers his entire bed and leaves only an opening to peak out when he wants to see what is going on. He also stays warmer this way! He arrives at the end of March and will be available around the 1st of April. Please apply on our Web site and we will update this page upon his arrival and availability.