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  Bingo, 1-2 years Male Whippet/Basenji  Mix
Bingo Bingo

Bingo is a young Whippet mix who was a WV stray and he was flown here by Pilots 'n Paws. He is an adorable dog who is GREAT WITH KIDS! He is currently in a foster home in Wayland. When you take him out on leash, he prances ahead of you -- yes, prances. His little ears are back and his tail is up and he is the cutest thing to watch from behind! He has helicopter ears and a brindled coloring so we're thinking he's a whippet or basenji mix. He loves playing with other dogs, of all sizes. He loves Gypsy, the lab, and the first night here, he climbed over the gate to get into her kennel. The next morning we found them all cuddled together AND there were two marrow bones in the kennel, so he is not food aggressive at all. Here's an update from his foster mom: He is definitely housebroken, he knows where the opening to the slider is that we take him out and now jumps up and scratches to go out. He is walking on leash in my backyard with me. He starts off very excited, but he calms pretty quickly. He is starting to play ball in the house and do play bows with my 2 dogs. My 2 kids love to play with him and he has been very affectionate and cuddly with them. I see his only challenge is that he can be an escape artist as he is so smart. He is now trying to turn the door knob from the deck to get out to the yard. He is VERY smart. At night when we are on the couch, all he wants to do is cuddle. He leans up against us and falls asleep. At bedtime he is crated and has been quiet in his crate. He is available to meet once we receive your application and we can set up a meeting.