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  Moe, ~1 year Male Retriever, some Collie  Mix

Moe is a gorgeous 9-10 month old Retriever with a luxurious coat and some white paws and a white tip of his tail, like a collie mix. He is mostly Lab and acts very labby. He is a very friendly happy dog who just wants to be with people. Moe loves everyone, including kids. He's good with all the dogs he's met, he's friendly with men, women, children. He weighs around 45 lbs. and is short, like the English-type of lab. School-aged and up would be great as long as he goes with an adult for regular exercise. When our volunteers came to visit the shelter he was at, he climbed the fence in order to be with them and was dangling by one foot, his tail wagging the whole time. He is neutered and ready to go home.