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  Max, 3 years old Male Bernese Mt Dog  Mix
Max Max

Max is a 3 year old neutered male Bernese Mt Dog mix. He is a large (75#) calm dog who loves people. He has a big "Golden" personality with a beautiful coat. He loves kids, dogs, all animals, everyone. Max is a big goofball and likes to play fetch with all kinds of toys. He will leap into the air for a frisbee then does a victory lap around the yard with it his mouth. He is sweet and gentle and will flip over for a belly rub. He is housebroken and very well behaved in the house. He has been in a foster home. He is coming up on 2/5/10 and will be available on 2/8/10 after his health exam. Our process is that you fill out an application to express your interest and wait to hear from us as we expect we will have a lot of interest in him, but first, like any dog, need to evaluate him. We do not usually send big male dogs home with small children, no matter how friendly. It's usually not a good idea.