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  Henry, 14 years old Male Yorkie

Update: Henry was reunited with his owner. They thank you for your support! Henry is a 14 year old neutered male yorkie who we took in from someone displaced through foreclosure. He weighs 15# now. He is very hard of hearing and has fading eyesight. When he's hungry or needs water, he'll bark. His most active time is right after breakfast and dinner. He likes to go outside - does not seem bothered by the cold or the snow. He'll walk in it without a problem. He's good on leash but does not like long walks - gets winded. He LOVES the car and would love to go everywhere with you. His favorite pass time is riding in the back seat of the car. He doesn't care to look out the window - he just snuggles up on a blanket and enjoys the ride. You wouldn't even know he's back there. It seems as if it were his choice, he'd be in the car all day. Doesn't care if it's running, parked - just likes the car. And he's never had an accident in the car. At home, he's very cooperative to go outside whenever he's told to. But he also has accidents if you don't get him outside. When he wants to come in, he stands at the door and looks for someone to come to the door. Rarely barks to come in. His favorite treat is chewing on beef bones. He's OK around other dogs - but is not a friend for another dog. He wants a person. He's very tolerant of children so would be fine with visiting grandchildren. He's very cooperative with bathing and grooming. He would like to be with someone full time, so a retiree would be perfect for him, or just someone who is a stay-at-home with a kind heart. He wants to have a person in the room with him at all times. The only place this does not apply is the car. He's very calm in the car, even if left alone for long periods of time. He would not be happy to be gated in a room away from the people, he would barks in that situation. He just wants to be with a person. He also likes sleeping on the end of the bed - does not want to be held or even petted while he's sleeping - but wants to know there's a person nearby. He sleeps soundly through the night - 9pm to 6am. He's in a foster home, but can be brought to our Meet and Greet room if you make an appointment after filling out your application.