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  Sparkles, ~ 6 months Female Sheltie  Mix
Sparkles Sparkles

Sparkles is a six month old female small mix whose coat "sparkles" with spots, hence the name. She is probably a mix of several small breeds as she is not very big. Her ears tip over like a collie's and her white speckled coat is luxurious. She is a gentle puppy who loves to cuddle when inside. With dogs she likes to run and play, and she plays nice. She is in a foster home and doing great. She is great in the car, and is crate-trained, housebroken, and not mouthy at all. She's shy at first, but will warm up with her people and especially if she has another dog friend in the household. Her history is that she was abandoned in the woods as a pup, survived distemper, and is doing great. She never got sick, never had diarrhea or even coughed, but her little pads on her feet were hard, so the vet feels she must have had it. She has shown no signs of illness at all, though. We are hoping for a holistically-minded adopter who will not over-vaccinate and who will continue her on probiotics and a healthy diet. She's an adorable pup and very loving. She has medium activity level and is generally an easy keeper. She is submissive. Our process is that you fill out the application first, then give us a few days to get back to you or come to one of our Meet and Greets to meet the dog. Please read our guidelines under Apply to Adopt as some dogs require a stay-at-home and some dogs require a fenced in yard. She will not be at the meet and greets, she will be seen by private appt.