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  Gracie, ~2-3 years Female Beagle  Mix
Gracie Gracie

Gracie is a female beagle mix who we thought was 3, but the vet says she's 2 years old. She was abandoned in WV in early August, then rescued by a humane society and she was thin and had mange, but look at her now. She's gained the weight back and her coat has filled in beautifully. She appears to have had at least one litter of puppies. She is very active and immediately used the newspapers when she was brought to her foster home. She is good with the other dogs. She worked and worked until she was able to climb onto a pile of "stuff" on the floor and jump into bed with the humane society director. She is a real cuddler and a snuggler, but she also can play, play, play. She tells us she wants a nice cushy life from here on out and wants to be with her people day and night. These pictures were taken when she was first rescued. She looks nice and filled out now. She is leash trained, paper trained, good with dogs and cats. She will get into stuff so needs to be crated when not supervised. She will be available 10/6/09. Thank you to Pilots 'n Paws for flying her from WV to MA. You folks are the best!