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  Barney, 8 years old Male Basset Hound
Barney Barney

Barney is a sweet Basset who is estimated at 8, but he is showing us he's got great energy. He can even jump in and out of the bath tub and prefers to drink out of the tub. He is completely housebroken...has not had one accident and is not a leg lifter. He is completely safe in the house except he does chase cats. We don't think placing him with a cat would be a good idea. He is good on leash and LOVES going for walks. Very affectionate with humans. He is fine with other dogs but doesn't interact with them at all; tends to just ignore them. I don't view him as a playmate for another dog. He is great in the crate; I just throw a treat in and he goes right in; he doesn't like being in the crate but he is good about it, doesn't bark or howl; and he sleeps through the night. Hates having anything done with his ears. But he is sweet, sweet, sweet and cute, cute, cute, especially when he runs. Won't you give this great dog a home? He was given up due to foreclosure. Our process is that you fill out the application first, then in one or two days we will contact you if your application is a match. Please read our guidelines under Apply to Adopt as some dogs require a stay-at-home and some dogs require a fenced in yard. Sponsors for these dogs would be most welcomed and appreciated.