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  Daisy, 14 weeks Female Australian Shepherd / Lab  Mix

Daisy is a female pup whose mom is an Australian Shepherd and dad is a Lab. She has the naturally bobbed tail of the Aussie and a beautiful thick coat. She is 14 weeks old and has had two health visits and is up to date on vaccines. She's a cute puppy who has been adopted and is being returned. Daisy knows: SIT, WAIT, DOWN, FETCH, DROP IT, OFF, “PLAY SOCCER”, READY/SET/GO…STOP and LET'S GO. Daisy is “mouthy”, like a typical puppy. When she has adequate exercise and stimulation, she is less mouthy. She is NOT aggressive and does not seek out confrontation, nor does she guard food/toys. She is very smart, alert, and will be loyal to her people. However, she is not overtly affectionate, although she is happy with the presence of her people and is most comfortable knowing where they are. If you're looking for a lap dog, this girl is not. Our process is that you fill out the application first, then in one or two days we will contact you if your application is a match. Please read our guidelines under Apply to Adopt as some dogs require a stay-at-home and some dogs require a fenced in yard. Phone calls are discouraged as it takes time away from the care of the dogs to answer questions that might already be on our web site.