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  Sammy, ~2 years Male Spaniel / Springer  Mix
Sammy Sammy

Sammy is a young male neutered 2 year old Spaniel mix. He's playful and affectionate. He didn't have a nice life up until now so we're looking for a great home who will be committed to him. Tweens and up would be great for him as he loves to play ball and chase. They called him "Sammy the Starved" because he came in just emaciated and starved. His family could no longer afford to feed him. His doghouse was a cold, plastic PortaPotty with some rags for bedding. When he was brought to rescue he had a chain padlocked around his neck, and the keyhole was so packed with dried mud they couldn't get the key in. He was a rack of bones, so would inhale his food, the poor thing. So he was fed many small meals a day and is looking pretty good. He can jump high so at least a six foot fence is required. Electric fence, NO, he's had enough negative reinforcements in his life. Only positive from here on out, please. Small children, not recommended as he was probably abused and is head shy. The last picture is of him playing and running with his friend Riley. He deserves the BEST home and the rescuer who took him in is a SAINT who already has too many dogs, so please only apply if you are going to make this dog the #1 priority in your life.