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  Salli, 4-5 years Female Golden/Husky/Collie  Mix
Salli Salli

Salli is a sweet and quiet dog who is approx. 4-5 yrs old and weighs approx. 50#. She has the Golden Retriever personality, except in a low key disposition. She has no prey drive, she loves to be outside, she's gentle, she doesn't jump up, doesn't get on furniture, isn't interested in your food, she's housebroken, she's FABULOUS. She walked through this huge field tonite with multiple soccer games and lacrosse games (lots and lots of noise and kids yelling) and she was totally relaxed and it didn't faze her at all. She originally came from a breeder to a rescue organization. She was adopted by a senior who didn't exercise her so gained some weight, but we're helping her take it off with lots of walks and exercise. She loves going for walks. All dogs need exercise! Like any Golden, she likes to be with her people so can be anxious if left for long. She doesn't like the crate, but she lost her crate training in the senior's home as she didn't crate her. But she's been safe in the house with the foster provider, although they gave her long walks every day. If you scratch her behind her ears, she will turn to putty in your hands. This is one great dog. She's also great with other dogs, great with cats, needs crating when owners are not home. She is a low key dog who is affectionate as can be. She comes with a large vari-kennel as she can escape from a wire crate and can be destructive if left for too long. She is available now.